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InterQC customizable dashboard
Customizable Dashboard
It is a control panel of the Laboratory, shown as a Widgets. This new tool allow to the Lab detect the anomalies in the analysers or assays inside the Lab. It will show the behaviour of the Lab, and allow to focus on the areas that need more attention. Internal statistics, automatic data capture errors, lots next to expire or already spired, news...
Big Data
Automatic collection of your data directly from your instrument or Laboratory Information System. InterQC analyses your results and notifies you of any errors detected. We have developed a new way of Automatic Data Capture to comply with the STANDARD LAW (Laboratory Analytical Workflow) profile. It is a standard communication between the devices inside the lab.
InterQC Big Data
InterQC real-time statistics
Real-time Statistics
Internal and external statistical comparisons: real-time update of internal statistics, automatic outlier detection, peer group comparatives listed in descending order form global user to the most specifist instrument group, Standard Deviation Index (SDI), Coefficient of Variation Index (CVI)...
The only one in the market independent of manufacturer controls
InterQC Graphs and charts
Graphs and charts

Powerful Graph Tool: multilevel, evolution, comparative histogram...

InterQC Reports
Variety of Reports

Comply with your regulatory requirement: QC Report, QC Summary Statistics...

InterQC user traceability
Total User Traceability

Log all the actions done on every element, from the test set up, for the whole elements

InterQC quality improvement
Quality Improvement

Identifies, registers and documents error causes and corrective actions

InterQC automatic rule selection
Automatic Rule Selection

Choose the level of scrutiny for your laboratory and keep every Test inside it.

InterQC the best complement
The best complement

InterQC is a complement to your Quality Assurance and Proficiency Testing.


InterQC use the latest web technology in the market, so it is completly compatible with different operating system and web browsers.


You can use InterQC in any type of device, even tablet or smartphone. Our interface adapts to any situation.

User experience

We have redesigned the application with an improvement on the performance, user satisfaction and navigability.

Flexible style

Possibility to customise the application for each distributor, adaptation of the font, buttons, colours and icons.


Customer Service and Support

Personal customer service for your laboratory from the website
InterQC allows you direct e-mail communication with our product specialist without the use of your email client program. Our help desk department analyze the data to search incidents in the quality of your data and notify the customers the possible solutions to potential errors.

Adaptability of the software to your requirements

We configure your lab to your specifications

More than 15 years of experience in data treatment

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