Company and history


Vitro Group is a group of biotechnology companies committed to the progress in the Diagnostic and Research fields in Health Sciences.  Through the research and development of new reagents, kits, instruments, software and techniques that provide innovative solutions, we offer complete solutions for clinical laboratories, such as reagents, special laboratory equipment, software applications and additional external services.

Vitro Group is expanding worldwide, opening new markets and creating relationships with new partners in different countries in order to export our innovative and cutting edge technical solutions. Today, we sell our products in over 30 countries.

Vitro S.A is one of the first companies in our country in the field of Diagnostic and Related Services: Pathology, Molecular Biology, Flow Cytometry, Clinical  Chemistry, Computer Applications for the health field, and laboratory instruments for clinical laboratory.

Through our sales network, product specialists and technical services, we cover the customer’s needs in terms of new product’s introduction, training, ongoing technical support and maintenance.

With our Biomedical Research line of business, Vitro, S.A is a High Quality and prestigious supplier of reagents, antibodies,  proteins, ELISAs, Stem cells... etc…  with a fast and a highly efficient customer service.

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